Submit your ColdBox sites, apps! New section on website for them!

Luis Majano |  February 19, 2008
If you have a project using ColdBox or a website, or your company uses ColdBox, then please use the new project submission form on the new ColdBox website. Also, if you think you are using ColdBox in many cool ways and want to be a featured company or site, then please say so in the comments and we will get you placed on the website with any cool logo you want and get you some good exposure. Thanks again!!...
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Problems trying to login to ColdBox Dashboard

Luis Majano |  December 21, 2007
Some people have reported not being able to log in to the ColdBox Dashboard. I have reproduced the error and it seems releated with the ses support that is NOT used in the app. So I have registered it as a bug for a patch release on 2.2.3. However, if you would like to make it work, you can do the following: 1. Open the {App}/config/routes.cfm 2. Change the following: Change it to FALSE That way the ses interceptor will not...
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ColdBox and ColdFusion 8 Interesting bug.

Luis Majano |  December 01, 2007
I have found an interesting bug on ColdFusion 8 and the multi-threaded capabilities of ColdBox. This is only to specific coldbox installation setups: 1) Virtual Folder in IIS 2) Apache Alias If you use an alias or a virtual folder for installing coldbox, you will run into errors that the spawned threads will not be able to actually find the instantiation paths. Example: coldbox.system.beans.requestContext It seems that the coldfusion 8 spawned thread cannot find...
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Upgrading to 2.5.0 Important Notes!

Luis Majano |  November 11, 2007
If you are upgrading to 2.5.0 RC 1 from previous versions, please make sure that you use the updated Application.cfc and index.cfm files in the Application Template folder. Application.cfc support has changed a lot of how the framework boots up and it has gotten more solid as the release approaches. However, changes have been made since the first beta of 2.5 and will solidify until the release. So if you are upgrading, please make sure you upgrade your Application.cfc and index.cfm file templ...
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